The 25 Days- New Testament Edition

The 25 Days of Christ can be adapted for all ages and is suitable for all Christian denominations. Families are encouraged to tailor their use of these ornaments to the scriptures, stories and media that fit their faith tradition. Optional media resources listed for each day should be previewed beforehand. The New Testament references listed are for the King James version of the Holy Bible.

*If you purchased prior to 2019 you may have noticed some of the stories have been reordered. We made this change so that the daily devotionals are more chronologically accurate (to the best of our knowledge). Feel free to present the stories in the order that works best for you and your family.

Day 1 - The Birth of Christ

Day 2 - Announcement to the Shepherds

Day 3 - The Three Wise Men

Day 4 - Boy Jesus in the Temple

Day 5 - Baptism

Day 6 - Woman at the Well

Day 7 - Fishers of Men

Day 8 - Take Up Thy Bed

Day 9 - Sermon on the Mount

Day 10 - Stilling the Storm

Day 11 - Feeding the 5000

Day 12 - Walking on the Water

Day 13 - Parable of the Good Samaritan

Day 14 - Mary and Martha

Day 15 - Parable of the Lost Sheep

Day 16 - The Ten Lepers

Day 17 - Triumphal Entry and Cleansing the Temple

Day 18 - The Widow's Mite

Day 19 - Last Supper

Day 20 - Gethsemane

Day 21 - Betrayal and Denial

Day 22 - Crucifixion and Burial

Day 23 - Resurrection

Day 24- Road to Emmaus

Day 25- Ascension into Heaven