The Family Behind the Brand, the Story Behind the Products


New Tradition Crafts is a family-owned business operated by the Walch family.

We are Melissa and Spencer Walch.  We are the parents of 6 amazing children.  Our Savior and our family have always been at the center of our hearts and life.  We know the reality and struggle of making time for Christ and Tradition in our day to day. 

We were blessed to join the New Tradition Crafts Family, when we received The 25 Days of Christ, from Melissa's sister Kati.  We immediately fell in love with their products and mission.  

Kati was friends with the Oliver family, who began sharing their family tradition, The 25 Days of Christ, in 2012.  Because of this connection, we have not only been able to enjoy The 25 Days of Christ as a tradition in our family, we now have the chance to carry on the legacy of helping families have a Christ Centered Christmas. 

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to share our story, our faith, and the traditions that help us to "bee" closer to each other and to Jesus.  Even though the timing on this next step with the NTC Family, wasn't in our plans, everything has fallen into place and we have felt God's direction.  When we purchased in 2022 and were looking to update this page, it felt like God was telling us we are on the right path and it felt affirming to realize, that one of our only family photos, with every member of our family, was taken on Christmas Sunday. 

Christ has shown us time and again that He truly is in the details of our every day lives.  We are excited for the chance to "bee" an example of the believers and share Him with you. 

When you shop from New Tradition Crafts you are supporting a family business that gives back and seeks to do good in the world. We appreciate your support that allows us to do this!

Our main product, The 25 Days of Christ, was created from a desire to help families focus on Christ during the Christmas season.  We desire to build on that, by providing simple meaningful ways to bring Christ into our every day.

We believe small, daily acts can bring families closer together and closer to Christ. Our brand seeks to develop products that will fill your home with goodness and light, and that will help us all to BEE-come like Him. 

We welcome your questions and feedback, please contact us at info@newtraditioncrafts.com   

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