The Family Behind the Brand, the Story Behind the Products

New Tradition Crafts is a family owned business operated by the Oliver family located in Washington state. We began this adventure in 2012 by sharing our beloved family Christmas tradition, The 25 Days of Christ. We never could have imagined that our story and this little idea would make its way into so many homes and become a favorite holiday tradition of thousands. When you shop from New Tradition Crafts you are supporting a family business that gives back and seeks to do good in the world. Every year through our Deeds of Gratitude project we are able to donate thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations. We appreciate your support that allows us to do this!

Our original product, The 25 Days of Christ was created from a desire to help our young family focus on Christ during the Christmas season. We believe small, daily acts can bring families closer together and closer to Christ. Our brand seeks to stock and develop products that will fill your home with goodness and light.

We welcome your questions and feedback, contact us at info@newtraditioncrafts.com 

P.S. Our boys have branched out on their own business venture. Check out their online tie shop at Knotsmen.com.

Picture credit Eryn Jay Photography