Day 9- Sermon on the Mount

Ornament: Candle

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:1-16

(for further reading see Matthew chapters 5-7, Luke 6:17-49)

Video: Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes

Picture: Sermon on the Mount


Discussion Questions

      • What are some things you can do to be a light to the world? 
      • How are the attributes that Jesus taught different than what the world might teach? 
      • Quote

Our opportunities to shine surround us each day, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. As we follow the example of the Savior, ours will be the opportunity to be a light in the lives of others, whether they be our own family members and friends, our co-workers, mere acquaintances, or total strangers . . . You have come from His presence to live on this earth for a season, to reflect the Savior’s love and teachings, and to bravely let your light shine for all to see.” 

Thomas S. Monson