Day 25-Ascension Into Heaven (New Testament)

Ornament: White cloud

Scripture Reading: Acts 1:9-11

Video: For God So Loved the World

Picture: The Ascension of Christ


Discussion Questions

        • Why do you think it was important that Jesus showed himself to many disciples over 40 days after His resurrection?
        • What can you do now to prepare for when Jesus comes again? 
        • Quote

        • “Worshipfully and with great joy the Apostles returned to Jerusalem. The Lord’s ascension was accomplished. It was truly a literal departure of a material being, as his resurrection had been an actual return of his spirit to his own physical body. Now the disciples began to comprehend more fully that he had truly overcome the world. Not that he had displaced Caesar or even Pilate who ruled over Judea. The great majority of the world’s people had still not even heard of him. Not that man’s inhumanity to man was suddenly wiped out. But now there was victory over the grave—always, until then, the final conqueror of all men.”

        • Ezra Taft Benson