Day 19- The Last Supper

Ornament: Bowl & Pitcher

Scripture Reading: Luke 22:14-20, John 13:4-15

Video: The Last Supper

Picture: Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet

The Last Supper


Discussion Questions

        • Why did Jesus teach the apostles the sacrament ordinance? 
        • By washing the apostles’ feet what kind of example does Jesus set for us? 
        • Quote

Christ quietly arose, girded himself as a slave or servant would, and knelt to wash the Apostles’ feet. This small circle of believers in this scarcely founded kingdom were about to pass through their severest trial, so he would set aside his own increasing anguish in order that he might yet once more serve and strengthen them. It does not matter that no one washed his feet. In transcendent humility he would continue to teach and to cleanse them. He would to the final hour—and beyond—be their sustaining servant.” 

Jeffrey R. Holland