Day 12- Walking on the Water

Ornament: Feet

Scripture Reading: Matt 14:22-33

Video: Wherefore Didst Thou Doubt?

Picture: Jesus Walking on the Water


Discussion Questions

      • How would you have reacted if you were on the ship with the disciples? 
      • What are some things that cause you to be distracted from following Jesus? 
      • Quote

If as individual people, as families, communities, and nations, we could, like Peter, fix our eyes on Jesus, we too might walk triumphantly over ‘the swelling waves of disbelief’ and remain ‘unterrified amid the rising winds of doubt.’ But if we turn away our eyes from him in whom we must believe, as it is so easy to do and the world is so much tempted to do, if we look to the power and fury of those terrible and destructive elements around us rather than to him who can help and save us, then we shall inevitably sink in a sea of conflict and sorrow and despair.”  

Howard W. Hunter