Day 11- Feeding the 5000

Ornament: Basket with bread and fish

Scripture Reading: Matthew 14:14-21

Video: The Feeding of the 5,000

Picture: Loaves and Fishes Miracle


Discussion Questions

      • Have you ever been asked to do a difficult task that you didn’t think was possible? 
      • What miracles have you experienced in your life? 
      • Quote

“Knowing that Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life—the way by which all can receive eternal life—we have an important responsibility. We should seek to help people come to Him and partake of His word, like the people who were filled with the loaves and fishes. Our friends may not know they are hungry in spirit. They may try to consume many things to satisfy their spiritual hunger, and as a result, they may feel frustrated and lost. Let us help them know how they can be spiritually filled—by coming unto Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life.” 

Won Yong Ko