In 2008 we created The 25 Days of Christ as a way to help our young family focus on Jesus Christ during the holiday season. Since then more than 25,000 families have made The 25 Days of Christ a tradition in their homes too! If you've been searching for a way to simplify your Christmas, focus on the true spirit of the season and build lasting memories and traditions with your family, you've come to the right place.


Here's what customers are saying about The 25 Days of Christ....

"We loved adding The 25 Days of Christ to our December traditions last year! We've done something similar before with little devotionals each day, but the ornaments made it even more special and meaningful to have a symbol for each story. It made me so happy to have our ornaments hanging all month long as simple, daily reminders of the Christ centered discussions we had every night. It kept our focus on our Savior all month long." -Gena B.

"It was such a great experience getting to learn about Christ and doing it with my toddler. Watching her put each ornament on the tree every night and seeing how excited she was to do it made the entire experience amazing. My husband would read each scripture to us while we got out the ornament and hung it on the tree. It was probably my favorite part of this past Christmas season. I look forward to doing it again next year" -Mariajose Z

"We started using the 25 Days of Christ this last Christmas and it was amazing what it did. My boys were learning the true meaning of Christmas. We got them their own tree for their room and we were able to sit and do an ornament a night with the scriptures and videos! I feel as though young or old, you can benefit from this!" -Kylie J.

"I purchased The 25 Days of Christ ornament set last year in hopes of reminding my children (and myself) about the true meaning of Christmas. It was a huge success! We had a little tree that was specifically for our "Christ" ornaments. My kids (ages 6,4,and 1) would get excited when it was their turn to find the corresponding ornament and hang it on the tree. My kids learned so many stories about Jesus. I can't wait for December to use our "Jesus tree" again!" -Laura P.