Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
Deeds of Gratitude
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Deeds of Gratitude

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A Thanksgiving activity that will inspire your family to take positive action to show gratitude for the blessings in life. This take on a common holiday tradition will have your family living gratefully instead of just talking about it.

Use these beautiful holiday decorations in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving for each family member to write something they are grateful for on one side of a leaf--and an action they will take to show their gratitude on the opposite side. This set includes 18 brightly colored wooden leaves and one chalk marker for writing, erasing, and re-using year after year.  

This is a special project for us...All proceeds from Deeds of Gratitude will be donated to Hopelink, a fabulous Pacific Northwest non-profit that is working hard to eliminate poverty by providing much need stability and training to families. Help us spread some good in the world and spread some good in your home at the same time.

Learn more about starting this tradition in your home.

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