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 How it works
Order an ornament kit and gather a few basic supplies of your own: paint, glue gun, sand paper, permanent marker. Once your kit arrives you can begin assembling your ornaments. A good suggestion is to gather a few friends, share supplies and make your ornaments together. Most of the work can be done in a few hours one evening and would make for a fun Girls Craft Night or Super Saturday project. Remember these are meant for little eyes and little hands and don’t need to be works of art.
Instructions and examples for finishing your ornaments can be found on our website. 


When to begin

You can begin the day after Thanksgiving, December 1st or whenever you are ready to start. Each night do a new reading and present a new ornament until you've done all 25. Sometimes life gets busy and you’ll skip a night. You can do several stories a night to catch up or continue with one a night until the New Year. Really there is no wrong way to do it!

What to do each night

Begin with the Day 1 reading and have your family open the first ornament and hang it on your tree. (Some people hang these ornaments on a smaller table top Christmas tree available at any craft store). Spend anywhere from 5-15 minutes reading or viewing that nights story. Use the 25 Days of Christ book or this website as a guide for scripture references and other media available for that night's story. Based on your family dynamics choose how it will work best for you.

·         Read from the scriptures and act out the story

·         Show a picture and tell the story in your own words

·         Watch a Bible Video (I suggest previewing the Bible Videos before showing them)

·          Read a quote and discuss how the story is applicable today