Group Buy Discount

Love our products? Love getting a great deal and FREE shipping? Now you can have it all simply by organizing a group purchase of unfinished kits for your friends and family. These kits make fabulous Craft Night or Super Saturday projects and are highly discounted when purchased in larger quantities.

-Discounted rates for 15 or more unfinished kits are $27 per kit (regularly $32) with FREE shipping. You can also add The Good Shepherd book to your group order for $9 each. There is no minimum purchase quantity for The Good Shepherd books.

Organizing a group buy is easier than you think. Here is how it works.

  1. Share our website link by email or social media group.
  2. Gather order quantities including editions and details (name and shipping) for your group and send them by email to
  3. Review the custom invoice we deliver to your inbox.
  4. Complete your order in the cart.

We ship the entire order to you within three days of purchase (or after Sept. 1st) and we'll include a free gift with the order to say thank you for organizing your group purchase.


Q: Can I use a promo code on my group order?

A: A promo code can be applied on any additional products in your group order (This is the Christ ornaments, Advent Bags etc) but not quantity discounts pricing of the unfinished kits or books.

Q: Can I combine different editions of the unfinished kits towards the order quantity?

A: Yes. You can combine both editions of the unfinished ornament kits to count towards the 15 or more quantity requirement.

Q: Can I add items other than unfinished kits to the group order?

A: Yes, but only unfinished kits qualify discounted prices