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Introducing... Deeds of Gratitude

A Thanksgiving activity to inspire positive action for the blessings in your life. This take on a common holiday tradition will have your family showing gratitude instead of just talking about it. The Deeds of Gratitude is a beautiful set of decorative leaves for displaying your celebration of the season.

  • Identify something you are grateful for and write it on one side...
  • Choose an action that will demonstrate your gratitude and write it on the other side...
  • Display your blessings and thoughtful acts to remember things worth celebrating.

Each Deeds of Gratitude set contains:

  • 18 wooden leaf patterns finished with a colorful and durable surface that works great with...
  • 1 white chalk marker to write your blessings and acts on the leaves. The chalk marker can be wiped clean from the leaves for reuse year after year.
  • A ball of twine to use in a variety of ways to display the leaves.
Contents of the Deeds of Gratitude product

Help Us Give Back

All proceeds from the Deeds of Gratitude project go to Hopelink, a non-profit charity organization working to fight poverty in the Seattle area by providing stability and skills that assist families to exit poverty for good.

 Like many of you, our family usually takes a moment before the Thanksgiving meal to talk about one thing we are thankful for. As meaningful as that is, we want to take that lip-service a step further by putting those words into action. Take some moments in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving day to gather your family and talk about the abundant blessings in your lives. Then consider how your actions can show gratitude.

Leaf decorations on display