Day 4 - Boy Jesus in the Temple


Ornament: Scripture

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:40-52

Video: Young Jesus Teaches in the Temple

Picture: Jesus Teaching the Elders in the Temple

Discussion Questions


“Does any other work offer a greater feeling of warmth and personal satisfaction than knowing that we are truly about our Father’s business?...

“The message and the gift of Christmas are one and the same thing—it is no less than the gift of eternal life and the message that we can have the opportunity of living with our families in the presence of God throughout all time and all eternity. To be worthy of this valuable gift, we must be willing to give the gift of self. We must be willing to consecrate all that we possess in life to the building up of the kingdom of God. We must dedicate ourselves to the Lord, our families, and our communities in which we live….

“It is our prayer that each of you may understand and appreciate the meaning of Christmas. We want you to know that God lives and that he loves each of you for the willingness in which you serve him. We want you to know that you are about your Father’s business and that is the greatest gift that could be shared with him.”

President N. Eldon Tanner, Our Greatest Gift-To Be about Our Father’s Business, Liahona Magazine, December 1980.