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Day 25 - Ministry Among the Nephites


Ornament: Heart

Scripture Reading: 3 Nephi 17:5-24

Videos: My Joy is Full

He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ

Picture: Jesus Christ Visits the America's

Discussion Questions

  • How does this story show the love the Savior has?
  • How would you feel about Jesus praying to Heavenly Father for you?
  • How does Jesus feel about children?


“Jesus gave us a clear pattern to follow in fulfilling our responsibility to nurture and teach children. Our challenges differ from those of the Nephites because we live in a different time. But the Savior’s way is timeless. In his church, there can be no other way. As he demonstrated, our physical presence and attention is vital to the children in our families, church, and communities. We can know their needs and minister to them when we spend time with them. We can behold our children in their eternal perspective and see that they all know of the Savior and learn the significant truths of his gospel. We can help them witness marvelous spiritual events. They can hear our earnest prayers in their behalf. We are their ministering angels on earth if we follow the Lord’s example.”

Michaelene P. Grassli (General Primary President) Behold Your Little Ones, Ensign Magazine November 1992