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Day 19 - The Last Supper

Ornament: Bowl & Pitcher

Scripture Reading: Luke 22:14-20, John 13:4-15

Video: The Last Supper

Picture: Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet

The Last Supper

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Jesus teach the apostles the sacrament ordinance?
  • What kind of example does Jesus set for leaders?
  • How does Jesus wash us clean?


“First, consider the Savior’s introduction of the sacrament. The Savior knew what was about to befall Him. His sacred, atoning mission, beginning with the War in Heaven in the premortal existence, was about to unfold that evening and the next day. Yet with the trials by His adversaries imminently before Him, there is not the slightest evidence He was preparing a defense against the untrue accusations. The Savior instead introduced the sacred ordinance of the sacrament to His disciples. As I contemplate that solemn occasion, my feelings are deeply touched. Sacrament meeting is the most sacred and holy of all the meetings in the Church. After His Resurrection, the Savior instituted the sacrament among the Nephites. If we are to be His disciples and to be committed members of His Church, we must remember and reverence the sacrament. It allows each of us to express with broken hearts and contrite spirits our willingness to follow the Savior, to repent, and to become a Saint through the Atonement of Christ. The sacrament allows us to witness to God that we will remember His Son and keep His commandments as we renew our baptismal covenant. This increases our love and appreciation for both the Father and the Son.”

Elder Quentin L. Cook, We Follow Jesus Christ, Ensign Magazine May 2010