About Us



New Tradition Crafts is a family owned business operated by the Oliver family located in Washington state. We began this adventure in 2012 when our family shared our beloved Christmas tradition The 25 Days of Christ. Since then over 25,000 families have made The 25 Days of Christ a tradition in their homes as well! We have added other products to help families create meaningful traditions that center on faith and family.

Kati supplies the inspiration behind the concept while Nick shares his power tools and garage space. Our three young product testers are always eager to be a part of the process. We all consider ourselves avid makers and agree there are few feelings better than creating something with your own two hands. Whether it is Lego creations, couch cushion forts, home improvement projects, or experimenting with old electronics parts, we are constantly finding new DIY projects to tackle. This business is the perfect opportunity to share our passion for making and our religious beliefs which is an important part of who we are as a family.

We welcome your questions and feedback, contact us at info@newtraditioncrafts.com 

P.S. Our boys have branched out on their own business venture. Check out their online tie shop at Knotsmen.com.

Picture credit Eryn Jay Photography